A Grown Man Crying

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Dec 272010

Today I drove again on Sligo Creek Parkway and past its intersection with Wayne Avenue in Silver Spring, Maryland. I remembered again being halted here by a minor accident. I remember it vividly, because standing beside the bent fender of his new car was a grown man crying. He was crying as in wiping tears from his wet face. He was middle aged and dressed well, wearing glasses, and Asian in appearance. I was touched by this sight, and remember it every time I pass this spot. This has gone on for over 25 years.

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Finding A Parked Car

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Dec 172010

I have a recurring dream about losing my car. Usually I parked it for a meeting and when I emerge it isn't where I thought I left it. So I begin walking and looking among rows of cars, then to adjoining lots, then sometimes back again to do another check. I am often expected somewhere and getting later all the time. I wonder if I should report my car stolen to the police. When I do wake up and find that I am in bed and not in a parking lot, there is a sense of relief, but also a sense that I have been over this time and time again. I would like to quit having such dreams.

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Dec 032010

It is Friday, December 3, 2010 and I am standing in the Safeway checkout line scanning the magazines again. I did not make this up, by the way. People and the Globe are side-by-side on the rack. Both have cover articles with pictures of Michael Douglas. People has a picture of him smiling and looking healthy and saying he is getting stronger every day. The Globe has him looking like death itself and saying he is planning his funeral.

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