South Africa

I have only been in the Cape Town area of South Africa, including the Cape of Good Hope, Robbin Island, and a trip up the coast on the western side for about 100 miles.  Cape Town is both beautiful and sad.  The setting and surroundings are stunning, but so is the poverty and threat of crime.  When I suggested to a resident that they live in fear, he objected.  But I still believe it to be so.  Anyone with anything worth stealing has fences and electronic surveillance and a contract with armed guards.  Residents advise you on areas you should avoid, especially at night.  Crime is a constant threat.

On the other hand, I found the people to be friendly and welcoming.  As you will see, the countryside is spectacular and varied. To stand at the Cape of Good hope and be shown the direction of Antarctica, knowing there is nothing in between, is a sobering experience.  I loved seeing the tribes of baboons that live in the area.

You’ll find separate albums for Cape Town, the Kirstenbosch Gardens, and Cape of Good Hope.  Enjoy.

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