In addition to my writing on (starting in 2009), I have included here some earlier writing from my years as a Baptist minister. My ministerial career was simple enough in terms of the resume. I began studing for the ministry at Carson-Newman College near Knoxville TN and was pastor of several part-time country churches during college and seminary. I earned three degrees from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville KY. I served two churches as full time pastor, the last being in Silver Spring MD. There I began to publish and distribute my weekly sermons and I wrote and published two books and an anthem. Many of my sermons found their way into the books.

My earlier sermon writing was done on a portable manual typewriter, or on an IBM Selectric in the church office. When the personal computer came along, I was immediately attracted and began writing using them. Though we now view those models as primitive, they were magical then. As soon as portable, battery models began to be developed, I got those. When better ones came along, I got them. I transitioned the church office to desktop publication and record keeping. My interests and background in technology have served me well since I parted ways with the Baptist church.

I have not touched or edited these writings from my former life. They are a slice of it, mostly from the 1970's and 1980's.   

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