Florida Everglades

The Everglades is a unique place that is both remarkable and sad.  It is sad because 75% of the original area has been destroyed, and because even what remains it threatened.  But it is still remarkable in its beauty and vastness and varieties of what wildlife does remain.  We stayed in Everglades City on the western side of the national park, then in Florida City near Homestead on the eastern side.  From Everglades City we canoed the Turner River, pontoon boated the 10,000 islands (well, not all of them) of the nearby bay, and spent 4 hours in a remarkable airplane tour.  On the eastern side we commuted each day to Flamingo.  In between, we stopped and spent most of a day at Shark Valley.  A good number of these pictures come from the Anhinga Trail out of Flamingo.  Going there at night with flashlights to observe the alligators is an unforgettable experience.

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