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Human Achievement

In the midst of all the current reminders of human failure, it may help us to experience an example of human achievement. The following is a dramatic example. Construction of this bridge began in 2005 and it was opened for traffice on October 19, 2010. It spans the Black Canyon south of Hoover Dam and connects Arizona and Nevada nearly 900 feet above the Colorado River. The author of this photo essay is listed in the credits, but I was unable to locate any further information about him. 



Commentary Technology

Finding A Parked Car

I have a recurring dream about losing my car. Usually I parked it for a meeting and when I emerge it isn't where I thought I left it. So I begin walking and looking among rows of cars, then to adjoining lots, then sometimes back again to do another check. I am often expected somewhere and getting later all the time. I wonder if I should report my car stolen to the police. When I do wake up and find that I am in bed and not in a parking lot, there is a sense of relief, but also a sense that I have been over this time and time again. I would like to quit having such dreams.


GPS In Your Car – Find Your Way Anywhere

I’ve used GPS since the early days when they degraded the signals to keep non-military uses from being as accurate.  I’ve had several automobile units and my present unit is a Garmin Nuvi.  What I’d like to do in this article is provide non-users with a good idea of what this technology provides, and to give some useful tips to others based on my practical experience. …


Organizing Your Web Browser

Google and others are providing us with a great variety of free tools that enhance and organize our Web experiences.  The following shows how you can use Google’s free iGoogle desktop.  I use Firefox as my browser and this setup works exactly the same on my company PC and on my personal Macs.  I’ve numbered just a few of the key features. …

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