May 202012

The annual Centennial Lake Swim was held on Sunday, May 13, and 2012 was my first time to participate. It was a calm, cool day and ideal for swimming in a lake. Centennial is not a large lake and this one-mile swim pretty much goes around the lake perimeter, covering most of the lake during the swim. The event was sponsored by the Central Maryland YMCA Masters Swim Team and was well staffed and organized. (http:// Continue reading »

May 122012

The State of Maryland is bisected east/west by the Chesapeake Bay and we refer to these sections as the Eastern Shore and the Western Shore. Although I live and work on the Western Shore, the Eastern Shore is a land of great interest and pleasure. The portion of the Eastern Shore that faces the Chesapeake includes a number of tidal rivers such as the Pocomoke, Wicomico, Nanticoke, and Choptank. On 5/5/2012 I joined about 69 swimmers for a 3 mile swim in the Nanticoke as part of the 4th annual Nanticoke River Swim & Triathalon ( Continue reading »

Planned Parenthood

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May 062012

When I was a young man and newly married, also being at the same time a poor college student, I did not want or need the burden of another child to raise. Our first had arrived just eleven months after the wedding. I did, however, want to have sex with my wife. The answer, of course, was contraception, and the most obvious solution was “rubbers,” as we called them then.  Continue reading »