August 2009


Good Movies: Deep Water

Deep Water is a documentary that has all of the suspense of a drama.  It is based on the London Sunday Times’ 1968-69 contest to sail solo around the world non-stop.  No one had ever done this, although one man, Franacis Chichester,  had sailed solo with an extensive stop for supplies and repairs.  Nine men set out on this odyssey, which offered fame and glory in addition to a substantial cash prize.  Only one of them was to finish.


Good Movies: Look Both Ways

Look Both Ways is easier to summarize than it is to follow when watching.  After seeing it for the first time you may have an impulse to watch it again because you know you missed a lot and because there are things you’d like to try to figure out.  If you liked Magnolia you will like this film.  If “thought provoking” is not a good thing to say about a film and if you prefer simple entertainment, then you should pass on this one.  The gist of it is summed up well in one of its lines: “Every one has to find a way to face his own death.”  Almost everyone in the film is dealing with death, either in thought or in reality.

Commentary Humanity


Most mornings I go early to the pool and swim a mile.  Where I go this means 36 laps, a lap meaning down to the far end and back.  It isn’t a very social activity, and some people consider it boring.  But a person whose Myers-Briggs type is INFJ can easily enjoy the solitude.  This writing actually began while swimming laps.  I had noticed a new sign at the entrance to the locker rooms.  It warned of the wet floor.

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