March 2010


“Hey Jason . . .”

Skinny, 5th grade Malcomb was at the pool with his swim team.  They had finished swimming and were horsing around in the dressing room as boys that age will do.  Malcomb was at the end of the bench where he had a good view of the area.  And that was fortunate because in came an older man with the ugliest foot and leg he had ever seen.  The foot was large and stubby and overly red in color.  It had no toes whatsoever and was attached to a somewhat matching leg that looked no better.  It looked like something from a freak show. …


Good Movies: Leaving Barstow

Leaving Barstow is about people feeling and being trapped in their life situations but still trying to rise above them.  Mostly it is about 18-year old Andrew, played by Kevin Sheridan who also wrote the the screenplay.  Andrew is smart and promising but seems tied to his mother’s problems and doomed to live the life of an underachiever in Barstow, California.  His teacher is trying to change that but literally dies while trying.  …

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