Good Movies: Bobby

It’s a mistake to say that Bobby (2006 and 111 mins) is a movie about the assassination of Robert Kennedy.  Obviously it includes that, but it is really about America in the 1960’s.  It’s about race and Vietnam and violence and drugs, but it also is about people trying to get along in life in ways that have nothing to do with any decade.  It features a surprisingly effective blending of archival news footage and switching back and forth–as in Forest Gump only better done.

bobbyBe patient with this movie starting out.  Bobby is like Magnolia in that it introduces many characters and stories that seem unconnected at first.  Then they begin to come together.  Although the time frame of the movie is only days, the movement from story to story is rapid.  Watch carefully.

I will not stoop to use the term “star studded,” but the film is loaded with talent.  A partial list includes Emelio Estevez (who also wrote and directed), Demi Moore, William Macy, Anthony Hopkins, Sharon Stone, Helen Hunt, and Laurence Fishburne.

There is no comedy here.  I can’t remember a single laugh.  But there is much to think about, and remember if you lived in those momentous days.

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