Good Movies: Elegy

Elegy (2008) might be considered a disturbing view of men, written from a woman’s perspective.  If so, it is a fairly kind, if frank, perspective.  The movie has a remarkably un-judgmental stance.  This movie made me look up and reserve other films by director Isabel Coixet.  Unfortunately they are few in number.

elegyBen Kingsley is superb in his role as a womanizing (studentizing, if there’s such a word) professor.  His best faculty friend is played by Dennis Hopper.  Their conversations on the subject of sex and women are uninhibited and thought-provoking.  Penelope Cruz (from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin) plays the student who broke the mold of his former conquests and forced him to assess his goals in life.  You will not watch this movie without thinking of your own.

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