Good Movies: I’ve Loved You So Long

If Kristin Scott Thomas (from “The English Patient”) doesn’t have the most expressive face in the motion picture world, who does?  With no words spoken you can follow and feel her thoughts, her pain, her sarcasm, her weariness, everything.

ive-loved-you-so-longIn “I’ve Love You So Long” she plays a sister recently emerged from prison.  Her reentry into proper society and attempted entries into the workforce occasion varied responses,  These are heightened by the mystery surrounding her past and the motive for her crime.  To some she is  perpetrator to be blamed and ostracized, to others a victim to be understood and accepted.  She has the same conflicts within herself.  She hesitates between self-blame and self-acceptance.  There are unforgettable scenes where people are faced with a situation they don’t know how to deal with, and don’t want to deal with, but must.

The storytelling in this film is superb.  You sit on the edge of your seat waiting for the next clue to emerge.  I certainly won’t give it away here.

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