Goose Patrol Attempts To Break Up Mallard Fight

Animal behavior is always fascinating to me. I filmed this in Bedford County, PA beside the Juniata River. It truly did appear that the geese were embarrassed by the mallard fight and wanted to make them stop. The mallard fight went on and on and was vicious, not sporting. Of course, geese are known to fight as well, but on this occasion they tried to be the peacemakers.

This scene reminded me of dog behavior I have seen.  Dog A is visiting in the home of Dog B.  Dog B has been trained that sofas are out of bounds and must not be jumped on or laid on.  Dog A has no such background and is used to lying on the sofa at home.

Then what happens when visiting Dog A jumps up on the sofa, happy and tail wagging?  Dog B is visibly upset, embarrassed, and at pains to stop this.  The effort may or may not be successful, depending of the dogs, but you can’t miss the dynamics of the situation.

Dogs don’t like to watch others break the rules they are made to live by.  And people?

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