Happy Memories of Gerry Briggs: 1936-2006

Gerry and I were married for 22 years.  The following is from her Memorial Service in our hometown of Maryville, Tennessee.

4 thoughts on “Happy Memories of Gerry Briggs: 1936-2006”

  1. Cathy A. Crawley

    those white sunglasses are way too much, but she wore them with style, didn’t she? they were so in fashion!!! i loved your tribute to gerry .. she got prettier and prettier with age .. thank you for sharing the video with all of us .. you were a couple we all loved … i was blessed to be a member of 1st Baptist ..

  2. I enjoyed very much seeing the tribute to Gerry. I have really good memories of her. She and Becky (my wife) were good buddies for awhile, and Becky really enjoyed her company.

  3. Thanks for sharing the tribute to Gerry. Seeing it brought back many good memories of knowing her. There are some great pics of Daisy folks in the tribute as well, including so many who have left us.

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