Good Movies: My First Mister

I thought about not reviewing My First Mister.  I think I was a little embarrassed about liking it.  The absolute worst thing I can say about a movie is that it’s “about as good as a soap opera.”  Indeed, this film is a little soap operaish–just a little.  It is indeed a “tear jerker”–to get that out as well.  Now that I have disclaimed myself, let me tell you why I found it a worthwhile and thoughtful tale.

My First MisterRandall (Albert Brooks) and Jennifer (Leelee Sobieski) are different in much and alike in much.  She is young and goth, while he is older and stuffy middle class.  But they are alike in their alienation and unspoken needs for friendship and love.  Their evolving relationship is one of discovery, embarrassment, humor, struggle, and ultimately sadness.  The writing and acting is superb.  There is nothing boring about this movie.  When I asked myself if I would want to watch it again, self answered in the affirmative.

Jennifer’s journey of self discovery and healing is believable and instructive.  I like films that do this well, my favorite being Paul Newman’s role in The Verdict, with the closing scene that shows him sipping coffee instead of downing booze.  My favorite line in the film: Jennifer’s litany of “F words” at the dinner table near the end.  Don’t miss it.

There are sad film endings that are totally so, and there are happy film endings that are totally so.  This one is a hybrid.  The outcome is sad and happy both.  I’ll not give it away.  See for yourself.  (But do have kleenex handy, just in case.)

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