What the Old Cars Said

This post is about an experience with old cars. The video explains . . .

(For best viewing, enlarge to full screen and ensure sound is turned up)

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3 thoughts on “What the Old Cars Said”

  1. Ed, I loved the video and the commentary–just wonderful! I am reminded of the hilltop cemetery where your grandparents (my great-grandparents), Edward West and Josephine Proffitt Briggs are buried, along with so many other Briggs family members, including your aunt and uncle (my mother’s parents), James Frank and Mabel Deal Briggs. Althea Briggs (your father’s sister), a victim of the great flood of 1916, is there. So are my father and mother, and her brothers and sisters who have passed on. The Tillery Branch Cemetery in Madison County is well-maintained to this day. And the view from the highest point affords one an almost uninterrupted view of the Blue Ridge Mountains from most direction. There is something about cemeteries and auto graveyards that invoke memories of our past youth, and of those loved ones who brought us into the world, the forebears who loved and cared for us.

    By the way, I had two Volkswagens in the eighties and early nineties. Loved ’em, and wish I still had one.

    The rains from Florence have drenched the streets of Asheville and there is almost no traffic; the pavements are shinny and uncommonly wet. I imagine you and Karen are getting some of this weather, and probably expecting more of this storm early in the week. Stay dry and safe.

    And thanks again for the photo essay. It is indeed wonderful.

  2. Thanks for the video Ed, I enjoyed it. Being a car nut, was wondering if that is a graveyard that exists now, or was it put together from old pictures? I think I have restored my last car. Too much work and too expensive. I still have the one pictured on my FB page. I will give it to my son who is the fourth, and hopefully he will pass it on to his son, who is the fifth. Good to hear from you and thanks for thinking of me with your video.

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