Apr 302009

Animal behavior is always fascinating to me. I filmed this in Bedford County, PA beside the Juniata River. It truly did appear that the geese were embarrassed by the mallard fight and wanted to make them stop. The mallard fight went on and on and was vicious, not sporting. Of course, geese are known to fight as well, but on this occasion they tried to be the peacemakers. Continue reading »

Apr 282009

Google and others are providing us with a great variety of free tools that enhance and organize our Web experiences.  The following shows how you can use Google’s free iGoogle desktop.  I use Firefox as my browser and this setup works exactly the same on my company PC and on my personal Macs.  I’ve numbered just a few of the key features. Continue reading »

Apr 272009

Language Convention and Usage

Tormented as he was by a relentless parade of edgy vituperative Catholic nuns during his youth, the author was compelled to employ a ceaseless, painstaking, and excruciating editorial effort to use language that upholds the dignity, honor, and presumed resplendence of all of the peoples of the world—except perhaps nuns themselves and of course, creation scientists. Continue reading »

Apr 242009

Environmental Impact
This document was printed on paper hand-crafted from recycled bus transfers. The ink was prepared from natural vegetable dyes derived from plants that were not plucked but which fell harmlessly to thick organic Burmuda grass and lovingly carried by Carmelite Sisters directly to Crystal City, Virginia in a 2007 Toyota Yaris hatchback in complete silence and non-denomenational prayer and contemplation. This cruelty-free process did not involve any obvious, apparent, or imagined harm to any plants or large animals. No foul language or pornographic or Pre-Raphaelite images were used during the process. It is placenta-free, unscented, biodegradable, and Y2K compliant. Continue reading »

Apr 222009

People will either consider this movie great or stupid.  Since my Myers-Briggs type is INFJ and the J stands for judging, I do have an opinion about those who will call it stupid.  But I shall hold this in check. I shall also refrain from revealing too much about the story itself, since that would tend to spoil it for you when/if you see it. Continue reading »

Apr 202009

This 3-DVD set is probably best for those who think they aren’t fans of classical art and haven’t spent much time in the art museums.  Presented by art historial Simon Schama, the series contains episodes for Caravaggio, Bernini, Rembrandt, David, Turner, Van Gogh, Picasso and Rothko. Continue reading »